What age is the Snail Mail aimed at?

The Primary Snail Mail is for ages 3 and up (some activities may be appropriate for younger children but not all of them). The Infant’s Activity Guide is approximately for ages 0-18 months. The Oddler Activity Guide is for approximately ages 18 months to 3 years. Each child grows at their own speed so we cannot truely know which group will bebest for your child!  We strongly desire to also do a Lower Elementary Snail Mail (1-3 grade) but there isn’t enough interest yet. If you are interested feel free to contact us at snailmail@montessorisnailmail.com and let us know!!

What is included with the Snail Mail Supply Box Subscriptions?

There is a specific list of included items on the Supply Box page.  If you look at the supply list, one whole side is what you will recieve in the Supply Box. (Is is labeled Purchase Supplies)

As a general rule, We will only send things that are not on the following list:



Kid’s paint of any kind (except special paints)

paper (A4)



trays or baskets

storage containers

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