Montessori Monthly Activity Guide

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If you are like us, Pinterest probably bums you out. Whether you are a full time Montessori teacher, if your children do homeschool or day school Montessori style, or you have children that attend public school, you know there are a ZILLION cool things you could add into your educational plan, but really, who has time to FIND all that stuff? Not to mention downloading it, organizing it by month/theme and then adding it to your curriculum? Ok, so we have the time, and we kinda love doing it. Let Montessori Snail Mail fill that gap for you!!

We will send out 10 ideas of Montessori style activities for you along with all necessary printables, monthly!! Each idea is described in detail with color pictures.

MATERIALS: Some ideas will use typical Montessori type materials (none will include the montessori main equipment as these are meant to be supplemental work, not to take the place of core montessori lessons). Some ideas will use more crafty or unique materials that we have found in our years of childcare but all of the supplies will be simple. We are confidant that you could find them at your neighborhood grocery store or craft store (if that makes you cringe you might be interested in our Montessori Snail Mail Supply Boxes). We will also provide a link to an Amazon list that includes all the materials for the ideas.

PHILOSOPHY: All the ideas will use Montessori philosophy.

1) able to be used independently (though they may need adult guidance for the first use)

2) self correcting

3) aimed at a specific aspect of education, such as sensory, practical life, math, language, science, etc.

As these activities will be supplemental, most of the activities will be theme based, for example, winter for january and love/friendship for February.

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